My desire is to use video production to create understandable gospel presentations for the Least Evangelized worldwide.


How it all began.
Hey! Currently, I am working with Create International. My desire is to use video production to share the gospel with unreached people groups. If you would like to join my prayer list

How it all began.
Hi, my name is Anthony Silva 
At the age of 12, I accepted Jesus as my savior. I am now 31 years old. Looking back, I am grateful for what God has saved me from and taught me.  I have grown up from a quiet and introverted kid with an addictive personality to someone with the hope of a future. God loves us too much to leave us in our brokenness.  I have spent time in healing groups and have really learned about God's love. I discovered my love for cinema in high school. I took a video course and I learned how to use video a way to express myself through moving images. This passion for video has grown and now I use it in the church to share what God has done.

In 2017 I took a missions trip with Create International to make an indigenousness film that shared the gospel with the Okinawan people in their own heart language. This experience changed my life.  You can watch the final movie at the top of the page.
One year later, at a Perspective conference,  I dedicated myself to missions to work with Create International to make movies for other indigenousness unreached peoples.

I have no choice but to be obedient.  I created this page as a means to raise support for my first step in this bigger ministry, Taking a DTS with Youth with a mission in Taiwan.

Every People deserves to hear the gospel in their own language 



2017 -  I had the opportunity to join the Frontier Filmmaking Seminar hosted by Create International. The seminar is a hands-on experience that taught us how to use video production to make evangelical films to share the gospel with unreached people. The experience was eye-opening and I m convinced that this is my calling. 


Return Home 大城家と天ぬうやがなし – Ryukyuan Language Film – New HD

Produced in 2018 | Running Time: 22 min
People Group: Central Ryukyuan
Language: Ryukyuan / Okinawan Japanese / Hogen / RYU
Country: Japan


What are my needs?

I have begun saving and 

I am looking for individuals who have a passion and would want to invest in this work. Please consider investing in the unreached.

If you would rather donate via PayPal, you can use my email: Contact me at 401-219-5144

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